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 <Company Name> is a tours and travels service provider with specific focus on planned vacations and corporate trips. We have been in the tours and travels business now for a number of years, and the quality and range of service has evolved over the years. <Company Name> today offers an entire bouquet of services designed to make your vacations as memorable as possible. From guidance in planning your vacation to booking tickets, hotels, tourist packages, etc., we take care of everything!

Our Mission
We believe in honest and straightforward dealings with our clients, partners, and service providers. Which is why every transaction you have with us is completely transparent, with all costs on the board, and every service accounted for.

We believe that as long as we are dedicated to our mission of honesty in all our dealings and transactions, we shall always find clients interested in working with us on a long-terms basis. We have found that some of our best customers have come to us via referrals from other existing clients. This is perhaps the greatest endorsement of our mission that we can ask for.

As we continue to grow into more destinations, more service offerings, and more seamless delivery, we reaffirm our commitment to transparent operations and look forward to offering the highest standards of service integrity on a continued basis.

Our Team
We are a tight-knit team of professionals experienced in the tourism industry who combine our skills, experience and contacts to bring you a comprehensive set of tours and travel services. It would be no understatement to say that without any of our core members, our <Company Name> wouldn't be able to offer the comprehensive set of services it offers today, and would perhaps find it extremely difficult to generate the kind of customer satisfaction that it does across all our locations.

Here are the key people who make <Company Name> click:

<First Name><Last Name>, CEO
<First Name> is one of the founding members of <Company Name>. Having worked at different levels of the tourism industry, he realized that it was perhaps best that he started something on his own to offer customers the best combination of what he has learnt over the years. He collaborated with a small set of like-minded, qualified and experienced people, and the result was <Company Name>. <First Name> today is responsible for the overall vision of <Company Name> and for managing successful service delivery across all our locations.

<First Name><Last Name>, VP Marketing
<First Name> has been with <Company Name> right from the start, and has used his understanding of the business and market requirements to lead the rise of <Company Name> as a brand in the minds of our customers. He is responsible for leveraging his huge contacts base, the media, and his deep understanding of market realities to drive the strategic positioning of <Company Name> as a leader in the travel and tourism industry.

<First Name><Last Name>, VP Operations
<First Name> is perhaps one of the most important people in the organization today. Every single bus that leaves for a trip, every customer that needs something specific,<First Name> knows about it. As Vice President, Operations, he is responsible for the smooth running of all activities within the organization. But it looks like that is hardly enough for him. He knows what's happening in all our offices and has his fingers on the pulse of all transactions. He has slowly emerged as the single point of contact for all Ops-related information within the team. A travel services veteran, <First Name> combines his leadership and people management skills to ensure seamless service delivery across the organization.

Our Partners
<Company Name> isn't just a set of people implementing and managing a set of tasks; <Company Name> is the name we have given to a vast network comprising teams of <Company Name> folk, business contacts and partners offering a wide range of outsourced services, and service providers offering enabling equipment, consultancy, and process delivery.

Our business and service delivery partners are one of the key reasons for our sustained growth. Early on, we realized that trying to do everything by ourselves would only end in making our organization complicated and bulky. With strategic partners with specified deliverable guidelines, we could outsource specific tasks to teams who were better at them than us. This helped us delivery best-in-class services while enabling our partners to leverage their core skills to make more money for their teams.

Our partial list of partners includes:
  • <Partner 1>
  • <Partner 2>
  • Etc.
Become a Partner
<Company Name> is a tours and travels service provider with specific focus on planned vacations and corporate trips. Our business growth strategy has been to focus on our core competences while outsourcing the other aspects of our work to business partners chosen for their ability to perform to our expectations.

We are looking for business partnerships in the following areas:
  • <Area 1>
  • <Area 2>
  • Etc.
If your team would like to partner with us, please contact us with details about what you do, how long you've been operational, and how your team can help us improve what we do.